Super.Vision Training Programme Ireland

Super.Vision Personnel

Annie Sampson

Annie Sampson set up Super.Vision in 2006 when she became aware of the need for a comprehensive supervision training course that would provide the skills, practice and theory of supervision.

Annie is a body work psychotherapist who trained in the Centre for Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy. She also trained in UCC in group facilitation. In 1998 Annie trained with Prof. Michael Carroll as a supervisor and in 2008 graduated from Essex University U.K. with a MSc in Supervisory & Reflective Practice.

Annie worked as a therapist in the Limerick Rape Crisis Centre for ten years where she was involved in the running of the organisation, training and information giving relating to sexual violence, the standards for rape crisis counsellors in Ireland and advocacy for the abused.

She then set up in private practice in limerick where she is involved in the StoneHaven Psychotherapy Centre and sees clients for therapy, supervises individuals and groups of psychotherapists, counsellors, (both trainees and experienced) guidance counsellors, community workers, mediators, teachers, life coaches, social workers, youth workers and mentors and others.

Annie has worked on a number of professional training courses over the years. She continues to work as a trainer and supervisor with the Tivoli Institute and the University of Limerick's (UL) MA in Humanistic Psychotherapy.

For her masters thesis she conducted research into the reasons newly graduated supervisees choose their supervisor. She continues to have a keen interest in supervision and reflective practice.

Annie has a strong interest in the continuing development of supervision in Ireland, she continues to work in supervision and reflective practice and has a keen interest in the development of supervision in Ireland.

NGO Work

For the past five summers Annie has been travelling to Nepal to work with a local NGO, Kapila-Nepal. She has been involved in training counsellors working for Kapil-Napal and other local agencies and NGO's. For the past two summers Annie has been delivering the professional Supervision training course to social workers, counsellors, mentors and support workers associated with Kapila-Nepal.

In the summer of 2015, Annie will return to Nepal to deliver the professional Supervision Training course to psychologists in the University of Kathmandu as well as continuing to work with staff in Kapila-Nepal.

Workers in Nepal face a series of issues in their clientelle which include, sexual abuse, domestic violence, trauma experienced in the recent civil war, mental health issues and work with families of the 'diappeared'.

It is hoped that the trained supervisors will help to support and develop the practitioners working with these groups of people.

Article published in Inside Out on Annie's work in Nepal ( See Issue 73, Summer 2014)